Mission and Values Statement for the Bison Quarterback Club

The general purpose of the Bison Quarterback Club (QBC) shall be to promote the welfare and morale of all persons, male or female who are involved with the organized football teams that represent Station Camp High School. The Bison Quarterback Club will initiate and implement appropriate and approved financial goals, development strategies, and events to further the football program. This in turn will assist the Station Camp High School coaching staff in their activities and encourage members and all other persons to participate more fully in all Quarterback Club endeavors. It is the intent of the Quarterback Club to support the mission and values of the administration of Station Camp High School by using resources available to invest back into the school to benefit the entire student body of Station Camp High School. The Bison Quarterback club seeks ways to partner with other school organizations for mutual support in joint endeavors. With these goals in mind, the Bison Quarterback Club will strive to be a strong presence in the lives of all Station Camp High School Students. These values will be the core of the Bison Quarterback Club:

Youth development & growth
We will do our best to create an environment that offers positive experiences for our athletes.  It is our hope that participants will develop effective social and communication skills, build positive relationships, make friends and learn the importance of physical fitness.

Family time
We care about one another.  It’s not just about a passion for football, it’s bigger than that.  Family involvement strengthens our relationships not only with each other but within our community.

Hard work & commitment
Only through a regimen of consistent and dedicated effort can we achieve the level of success to which we all ascribe. We make the decision that once we start something, we continue, working to the best of our ability and we will not quit or walk away until we are satisfied that we have done the best we can possibly do; mediocrity is not an option.

Lead by example and our peers and community partners will be swept up in the enthusiasm and energy we radiate and they will in turn, motivate others to ascend to the high standards that we set for ourselves.

Team work & unity
We are a unified, synergistic organization that constantly finds ways to improve and seek out partners with similar high standards.

We value staying true to ourselves while maintaining our integrity without alienating others who hold a somewhat different perspective.  Always strive to treat others as we would want to be treated.

Realize what goals we want to set for ourselves and learn what we need to do to attain those goals.  Understand that every journey offers alternate routes and it is up to us to apply the knowledge we have gained.

We are grateful to those who came before us and acknowledge the incredibly hard work they did to put us where we are today.  We will honor their efforts by making excellence a habit and by constantly improving so that we too leave a lasting legacy.

Giving back
Each of us needs to appreciate and understand the importance of volunteerism and sharing; freely give your time, compassion and energy to others.

These values will be a guide for the Bison Quarterback Club to foster young adults into being a good citizen, a good student, and a good teammate.

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