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The Home of the Bison

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The 2018 Bison Lift-A-Thon was held Saturday, March 10.

Zion Ware had the highest lifts in bench press (320 pounds), incline press (250 pounds), squat (505) and total weight (1,330 pounds).

Michael Sarabia had the highest power ranking (body weight divided into total weight lifted, 6.37) and Logan Tilghman lifted the most weight for power clean (255 pounds).


Thanks to all who came to the annual Bison Pancake Breakfast on March 10.

This event is an important fundraiser for the program to help pay for equipment, uniforms, transportation costs, game officials and everyday expenses.

A special thanks to all who donated food, including Gordon Food Service of Goodlettsville, Kroger of Glenbrook and Kroger of Hendersonville, Sam's Club and Kearstin Forte and Scott Forte. And to the SCHS cafeteria workers who came in on their day off to help.

Thank you very much and Go Bison!

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